16-06-19New album "The Change" is OUT on Rainy Days

Check the music from new album here:

10-09-18DON'T FORGET brand new Album "Blues For Maggie"

Hey...Yes, yes. New album called "Blues For Maggie" is out and getting lots of positive responds. Find out who is Maggie and get the album from Whirlwind Recordings website or from me at our concerts. And....Everywhere else. Link bellow....

10-09-18New Crazy videos

Jammie and me went to have dinner at Goat's in August. Result: Crazy Scottish video. Link bellow...

18-06-17Little update.

Just back from couple Festivals in Austria. Was super fun. Especially because we played with our new members, Stéphane Galland on drums and Ivo Neame on piano. Yes, it was "burst of huge energy and musicality" "with a focussed wildness" (LondonJazzNews). Playing with this line up again at Kings Place, London on 5th of October. Our London Jazz Festivals performance is on 10th of November. Meanwhile, going to Colombo, Sri Lanka at the end of September. Will be doing solo "alto box" performance as well as workshop. Currently also mixing the new album "Blues for Maggie" which should be out at the beginning of 2018...More to come.

03-05-16NEW ALBUM is OUT. Check the recent press cuts.

"always it's a surreal, impressive brew" - ★★★★ Jazzwise
"A typical Strigalev collision of hip jazz virtuosity and surrealism... Strigalev's alto displays bebop agility, shivery lyricism, or sometimes a bluesy Ornetteish swerve."
★★★★ The Guardian
"An addictive mix of colourful vignettes... Strigalev's group could well be the next big thing in jazz."
★★★★ All About Jazz
"A maverick at the heart of modern jazz." ★★★★​ The Telegraph
"Addictively and explosively dynamic...one of the most exciting contemporary composers."
Jazzenzo Magazine

More from press and about album got to: http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/never-group/
To get the album go to: http://www.whirlwindrecordings.com/never-group/

03-05-16New Dates announced...

Here are bellow the gig from our UK/Irish tour in July. For more, go to gigs section.
1: Ray's Jazz, London
5. Spotted Dog, Birmingham
6. Dempsey's, Cardiff, Wales
7. Soundcellar, Poole, England
8. Bernall's Yard, Bath, England
9. Billinghurst Arts, Billinghurst, England
12. 606 Club, London
13/14: The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh, Scotland
15: The Jazz Co-Op, Newcastle, England
16: The Pheonix, York, England (tbc)
17: Jazz at the Albert, Bristol, England
22: Benningham's, Derry, Ireland
23: Sligo Jazz Festival, Sligo Ireland (daytime performance, 1 long set)
24: JJ Smyth's, Dublin, Ireland (nighttime)
25: JJ Smyth's, Dublin, Ireland
29: Hot Numbers, Cambridge, England

03-05-16"All About Jazz" about Never Group


03-05-16LondonJazz Interview about Never Group


03-05-16Guardian about Never Group


03-05-16Telegraph about Never Group's gig at Ronnie Scotts


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03-05-16Jazzenzo about Never Group


03-05-16Interview for Jazz.Ru


25-12-15New Album

Merry Christmas. New album coming out on 1st of April 2016. Its called "Never Group!" and features Tim Lefebvre, Eric Harland, Bruno Liberda and guests. All new material. To get some previews of the tracks, go to the link bellow:

12-12-14NEW ALBUM, NEW TOUR and New Residency in Vienna

So, now back in London after busy November. Did lots of nice shows with Smiling Organizm's plus a new recording in Trio with Tim Lefebvre and Eric Harland about which I am very excited about. BUT now I am very excited that our new album 'Robin Goodie' is printed and ready to start its journey. The official release date is 2nd of February which will be followed by a tour with UK CD release party at Ronnies Scotts Jazz Club on 18th of February. Check "When" section here for all tour dates.....Then I am starting a monthly residency at nice cosy electronic music venue in Vienna, Austria run by my dear friends. Its called ELECTRO GUNNER and the night will be called J3ZZRUB. So, come and rub yourself with jazz if you around. There are also lots of interesting plans for new upcoming year. Come back...


14-07-14NEW ALBUM and NEW EXCITING TOURS with lots of amazing musicians including Alex Sipiagin, Tim Lefebvre, Carlos Sarduy, FOLEY, Reuben Rogers, Gregory Hutchinson, Linley Marthe, Liam Noble, Eric Harland, Mike Janisch, Matt Penman...

25-09-13Smiling Organizm January 2014 European Tour featuring Ambrose Akinmusire, Eric Harland, Larry Grenadier, Linley Marthe, Liam Noble/Taylor Eigsti is BOOKED. Check WHEN.

20-09-13Get your copy of Zhenya's New Album "Smiling Organizm" from Whirlwind Recordings or Amazon.

14-03-13Smiling Organizm Tour May 2013 - featuring Liam Noble, Eric Harland, Dany Noel Martinez, Steve Fishwick, Dan Nicholls. CHECK "WHENnn" for details

02-07-12Listen to "Yaspin" and "Anchovies" from the Album on SoundCloud

18-03-12 Album Press Release

‘Smiling Organizm’ 2012_ Press Release.

This album’s gestation began in winter 2010 when acclaimed London-based alto saxophonist Zhenya Strigalev went to New York for an extended stay, hunkering down on friend’s sofas and immersing himself in the city’s buzzing jazz scene. Strigalev’s time in New York deeply ensconced him among some of the world’s finest jazz musicians and the following summer he wrote, rehearsed, and recorded his new album, ‘Smiling Organizm’.

This is exciting music that’s as accesible as it is complex. Bringing together a molten mix of swing, fusion, funk, free improv and hard-driving post-bop, “Smiling Organizm" is an amusement ride through today’s urban jazz jungle. It’s buzzing with catchy melodies, be it the opening blast of ‘Fletcher’, the sneaky groove of ‘Anchovies’, the sparse sax-and-bass intro of ‘Fairy Stairs’, or the innovative freeform deconstruction of the album’s only standard ‘Midnight in Moscow’.

The album unfolds like a series of city scenes, a set of compelling micro dramas packed with narrative excitement. The high drama begins with the persistent bebop-and-break beats of ‘Fletcher’ as Zhenya opens his solo with fearsome double-time lines that skitter all over the modal vamp. He then passes the solo baton to New York-based trumpeter, and fellow countryman, Vitaly Golovnyov who makes several dazzling contributions throughout the album. The band’s rocket-fuelled rhythm section includes the stellar talents of Brad Mehldau/FLY double bassist Larry Grenadier, and the pungently funky bass guitar of Wayne Krantz/Rudder man Tim Lefebvre – each taking the music down diverting acoustic and electric avenues. They both link seamlessly with drummer extraordinaire Eric Harland (Charles Lloyd/Dave Holland) who sparkles with energy across the entire set providing an endless stream of whip cracking beats. Retaining the edginess of his adoptive London scene, widely acclaimed UK pianist Liam Noble seals each composition with deft harmonic touches and electrifying solos. While Strigalev’s attitudinal alto is impressive throughout, his strong compositions and inspired band leading skills also shine.

Strigalev’s stylistically open approach allows his love of swing to find completely new ground in ‘Smiling Organizm’. “Nowadays it’s not about playing with precision it’s about the articulation – you can play very precisely like a metronome, but it doesn’t groove..." He attributes his fresh contemporary sound to his careful study of Sonny Rollins, “who is always trying to improvise, without trying to play clichés…"

As both producer and musician, the current jazz connection with London and New York is something Zhenya Stigalev has had a significant role in defining. New York has always provided a fertile environment for making new music, he affirms. “It’s inspiring to still see musicians in New York practicing and playing in a variety of projects always trying new music. You often see big names playing in unexpected line-ups…in terms of searching for new ideas I think musicians are a bit more active in New York…sometimes in London there can be borders between certain groups of musicians but things have been changing in the last few years and if it keeps going in this direction it could be really good. It's also nice to see more collaborative projects appearing now between UK/European and US jazz musicians." Back in London, Strigalev regularly encourages this cross-cultural exchange through his productions with Patsy Craig, Director of T wo Music. This includes the Partager Festival presenting innovative British, French and American jazz and improvised musical collaborations, as well as many acclaimed jazz nights at Charlie Wright's International.

‘Smiling Organizm’ is released in June 2012. Melodically accessible, this music reflects Zhenya’s restlessly imaginative style. Infused with the rock-edged attitude of NYC’s Downtown scene, ‘Smiling Organizm’ happily leaps between deep swing, free improv and darting post-bop passages. The perfect distillation of jazz forged at the cutting edge, this album emphatically marks Strigalev’s arrival as a leading creative force in London’s contemporary jazz landscape.

CD Launch Parties on 13,14,15 & 16 of June 2012
@ Charlie Wright's, London
Start 7.30pm

Two Acts Each Night:

1) Ustad Sukhvinder Singh Namdhari (aka Pinky)/
Pete Cochrane /Z. Strigalev (new Indian inspired project)

2) "SMILING ORGANIZM" - featuring Tim Lefebvre,
Obed Calvaire, Liam Noble, Steve Fishwick and
Mike Janisch